Sunday, 16 November 2014

12 Hours in LA

I found myself in a 12 hour flight connection between LA and NY... and a crazy idea crossed my mind. Instead of hanging out on an airport chair, why not get to know LA. At this time everyone that knows or has been to LA must be thinking that i'm a crazy person because this city is gigantic and impossible to know in 12 hours. But believe it or not, i had a really amazing 12 hours experience. Took a taxi to Abbot Kinney and after a 15 min drive there i was, under the sunshine of LA in the coolest and most stylish block in America. In one boulevard i could find from restaurants and bars to boutiques and galleries, amazing places to eat and shop. The first thing that crossed my mind was, i could live there.
I was starving so had to pick a place to eat... a friend told me not to miss GJELINA. It was open from 8:00 to 00:00 so i wouldn't have a problem getting a table for late lunch. What a trendy spot, nice decor and a nice patio. I ordered a small plate Wood Roasted Prawns, Garlic, Chili, Lemon & Parsley and for the main course a Pomodoro  Confit Tomato, Oregano & Green Olive Oil and Burrata Pizza. Also got the lime-ginger drink. For desert a Butterscotch pot - VERY RICH.
When leaving the restaurant I noticed there was a line that went around the block, so i guess i was really lucky after all.
Had more or less 4 hours left, because i didn't want to risk loosing the connection  flight so i wondered down the block for a last minute shopping. Bought some books and a beautiful necklace at Firefly and said goodbye to that fantasy spot. Remembering this crazy idea of mine, makes me wonder how many special places like this are there to visit and makes me want to leave right now to discover them.

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tHIS oNE iS 4 U

There are no coincidences, i believe in godcidences... so don't make too much plans for your life because you can ruin plans that life has for you :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Band Of Hourses - The Funeral

Im coming up only
to hold you under
Im coming up only
to show you wrong
and to know you
is hard we wander
to know you all wrong